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Sarah Bartrum
Born 18th Feb 1970
Died - not for a long time yet.
So what's to tell? Life is rich and exciting, if you don't believe me, look out the window and marvel
at how the leaves are changing colours as if by magic. Not that there's any time to be staring out the
window. A working mum to two small boys doesn't get much busier. Of course it wasn't always this
way. Once I was a student; full of energy and optimism and alcohol - generally all at the same time.
Round the world and back again, up some mountains and down again. And now? Well here I am at
40, and still I find this life amazing and exciting - did you see that squirrel? I'm sure it just did a back
flip just for fun. And as for the writing - more is better.

Linda Dovey
Born 1949.  Lived through the heady 60’s (and I was there!) Worked for Children’s Charity for 34
years which was very rewarding. Drove a racing car around Brands Hatch on my 40th birthday
(alongside professional drivers).   Now thoroughly enjoying retirement, granddaughters, WI, Ladies
who lunch, gardening, reading, theatre and travel with my partner (a brilliant saxophonist).  Always
wanted to write but never found the time.  Joined Mermaids in February 2010 mainly concentrating
on short stories.  With the encouragement of Mermaids I have started a Novel.

Gillian Fewins
Born in London in the 1960's , I have had a passion for writing since I won a penguin writing
competition aged 7 (I still have the certificate!). Married with two grown up children and two
gorgeous grandchildren, I live in Rainham with my husband John.
I enjoy wrting children's novels, short stories, poetry and have just started writing a thriller.

Ann Smith
I am fifty eight and have been scribbling ideas for about nine years.  I have written a short novel and
almost completed a couple more.  I attended Rochester creative writing class and was encouraged
to be more adventurous with my writing.  I don’t really have a theme, but write as the mood takes
me, crime romance thriller and stories for teens and children.  I hope that with the help of the
mermaids I will improve and be confident enough to eventually produce something worthy of

More profiles to come soon....

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